Finding Certainty in

the Face of Fear:

5 Days to Creating a

Fulfilling Future

What if the opportunity for planning and dreaming is slipping out of your fingers, and the hustle and bustle of old life starts again?

Did you love that life? Did it fulfill you, inspire you, drape you with connection, and shower you with all the time to do all those things you’ve been imagining? 

Is it a life you’re excited and committed to return to? 

Before COVID days, how many of you longed for more out of life? Knew something was waiting on the other side? Told yourself “there’s got to be more than this”?

Now’s your chance; you’ve been given an opportunity! It may not be packaged the way you thought, but sometimes our blessings are disguised.

That longing and wondering is still inside you. It will rear its head when all of this is over. It’ll slowly creep back up, gently tugging at your shoulder and whispering in your ear, demanding you listen. Or, it might throw you into wanting, yearning, filling you with a knowing you don’t want to return to the way it was – making you cling fiercely to this new world, pleading for this new existence to remain. 

What is waiting to be born from you?  What is lurking in the shadows, awaiting the dawn of a new day? Who do you want to be? What life do you want to live? Who are you willing to become?

The dawn of a new day is approaching. Soon, all of this will be a memory. The world will start again. And when we’re able to take that first step of freedom – will you be left scrambling to pick up the pieces of a life once lived, or will you be ready to emerge from the dark, and rise like a phoenix into the new light? 

Join me in the From Vision to Victory masterclass where you will: 

– identify the deep rooted reasons that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from having the life you’ve dreamt of/taking action

– reconnect to forgotten passions and dreams


– create a crystal clear vision on the life you are meant to live 

– connect to your power, gain confidence and

– learn the action steps to bring that vision to life, increase fulfillment, and fill your life with joy

– plus so much more! 

About me

Being that I am a world traveler and have a love for philanthropy, I’ve met, learned from, and volunteered for people from a diverse number of cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, and religions. For the past 17 years, as a registered nurse, I have incorporated what I’ve learned about people, to provide holistic, culturally sensitive care to a diverse population of patients. I have helped several hundreds of patients during some of their lowest, most challenging life events – from the critical care floors of a hospital, to surgery recovery, and in-home care. My expertise however, is beyond the hospital floors; for the past 13 years my role has been a nurse educator – coaching adults living with diabetes through the earth shattering diagnosis of a life-long disease, and how to thrive and live a healthy, fulfilling life despite it.

I’ve helped my clients gain control over a disease that makes most feel helpless, through mindset shifts, along with my intuitive abilities and skill at asking the questions that unlock their potential and breakthrough for transformation. I help my clients see past the boundaries of their minds, to the possibility that exists in their reach, guide them past the pitfalls, and compassionately guide and keep them on course, so they can achieve their goals. 

“Stacey has helped me so much in the past few years we’ve been working together, that words can’t explain how thankful to her I am. She has made it very easy to talk to her and for us to have trust with each other, where I know I can talk to her about touchy subjects that you normally would have troubles talking to your health care providers about. She’s helped me be able to feel as normal as possible in the many conversation we’ve had about even simple things.“



“I have worked with Stacey for many years and find her reliable and trustworthy. Her knowledge has helped me cope with my chronic disease, and she is always there for advice on the issues I have. She is the go-to person for advice and guidance, and I feel very fortunate to know her and have her on my side.  From her help, I am happy with the place I am at controlling a difficult disease.  She is strong and confident, and I rely on her and trust her advice and she is always willing to go the extra step to help find a solution. I have total confidence in Stacey and her abilities.”

Angie S.


I’m ready to create a

fulfilling future!